The Story

We’re more than a web design agency… was started out of a small apartment in 1996 with two goals:

1. To be our showcase website so that we could get clients for our new web design and marketing business: Good Creations.

2. To be a resource for couples in online relationships.

In order to do these two things we set a challenge for ourselves. We promised we would never spend a single penny on advertising.

That challenge guaranteed that we would learn and develop the skills necessary to enable us to help other small business and online startups to achieve the same success we did.

From those small beginnings, we built a brand that reached the top 1,000 of all websites online (top 500 in peak months!). We ran that site for 12 years before selling it to a Fortune 500 company.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. has since been rolled up into and is no longer online. However, what we learned during this experience is an invaluable resource.

Some of our accomplishments during those 12 years include:rankingtrend

  • Ranked in the top 10 on Google for the keyword: love (often rotating in the top 3 spot!).
  • Created multiple different revenue streams to monetize (see below)
  • Built multiple newsletter lists with a total of 15 million subscribers.
  • Became one of the top 10 websites online for 18-24 year old females.

Dominating The Search Engines

A key aspect to our strategy was to dominate the search engines. With our customized content and search engine optimization techniques, we literally dominated any competitors for our search terms. While we feel the results speak for themselves, we’ll also let a few publications chime in:

“It’s no surprise to find, a love poem and romantic advice site, is one of the most clicked-on Google results.” -Time Magazine

“The first thing that comes up when you Google “romance” is the advice site” -Matt Katz, Courier Post Online

Making Real Money Online

You can’t be a business if you aren’t making money. As the internet world changed dramatically every few years, we were constantly reinventing our revenue streams. Some of our revenue streams included…

Online Store
We created relationships with about 30 different online vendors that ranged from lingerie to romantic and sensual gifts. These were all products that were specifically geared towards our target demographic.  As we had so much traffic (over 3 million unique visitors per month) we were able to negotiate special deals with a number of these vendors.  They would pay us an annual fee of between $2,500 and $10,000 to be in the store.  During the holiday months (Halloween, Christmas, Valentines Day, Mother’s Day and Fathers Day), we would sell about $250,000 worth of product every month.

Run of Site Advertising
We displayed two ads on every single page.  Visitors to our website generally viewed an average of 10 pages per visit.  This equated to around 30 million pages viewed, which equaled 60 million ads served per month.

Channel Sponsorships
In addition to run of site advertising, we had sponsors that would take entire channels.  For example, was our original dating channel sponsor.  At its height, the dating channel was generating close to $20,000 per month in revenue.

Ebook Sales
We also created ebooks specifically for each holiday.  During those months we would sell close to 1,000 ebooks per day at $5 each.

Using The Press To Market & Advertise for Us

When you’ve made a commitment to not spend any money on advertising, you have to use the tools available to you get publicity and marketing. We learned very quickly how to generate the interest of publications and news organizations world wide. was featured in countless magazines, newspapers, TV and more. We even earned a coveted A ranking from Entertainment Weekly, were a USA Today top site of the day and a Yahoo! featured site a number of times.

Entertainment Weekly
Romance Best of the Breed – A
“Romantics, this is for your goo-goo eyes only. Founded by San Diegan Jennifer Good, the site is flush with 15,000 pages of tips. Want to show a little tenderness? Give your partner a bath! What kind of bath? A bubble bath. Or a bath by candlelight. Or a bath with toy boats bearing love notes. Want more? Get love advice in categories from ‘Loving Two’ to ‘Online Love.’ There’s a support group for long-distance relationships and lots o’ lists; romantic movies (Somewhere in Time), nicknames (Pumpkin), even foods (fish?). Oh, the heart will go on — and on.”

Yahoo! Internet Life
Wooing A Valentine 3 1/2 Stars
“Whether you’re in a fulfilling relationship or pining away with unrequited love, is your library. You’ll find love stories both real and fictional, thousands of love quotes, interactive love stories, and message board topics ranging from long-distance love to cyber-romance–as well as such handy resources as ’75 Perfect Date Ideas.'”

The Dallas Morning News
“Love on the Web”
“As the song goes, ‘Ain’t nothing like the real thing, baby,’ so stop by here for more than 100 real love stories, 150 “how we met” tales, 50 first-kiss remembrances and 120 tales of love on the Web. Oh, and if a little fantasy is what’s needed, there are about 20 fictional songs of love…”

Press Herald Online
Valentine’s Day News Section
“How do I love thee? Valentine’s Day is in a week. Do you have a clue as to how to express your true feelings? “” has all kinds of ideas and tips to making your loved one feel special.”

The New Zealand Herald
Peter Sinclair: All you need is love
“ has some cute ideas for romantic trysts, plus a 5-course love-feast which includes the luridly sensual Veal Valentino with Raspberry Sauce. Practical advice on the technical aspects of kissing, too, plus a repertoire of 7 different varieties, like “Candy Kisses” which involve the intimate sharing of any hard candy. “Also try chewing-gum”, it adds – let’s just hold hands, I say.”

ABC News
Special Report: Love Links
“Ten channels help you navigate this robust romance site. Click on Romance 101 and you’ll find a list of romantic nicknames for your sweetie and the words to say, “I love you”; in several languages, or help write a chapter of an interactive love story.”

USA Today Hot Site
Weekend Edition, Feb. 12-14, 1999
“Love coupons make great Valentine’s Day gifts. And you’ll find a romantic assortment at Along with other ‘fun.'”

MSN Web Directory Special Feature
Love is in the Air 02/12/99
“Ah, Valentine’s Day! The day for heart-shaped boxes of candy, red roses, and lots and lots of romance. Need a little extra help in matters of the heart? Visit, a site that offers all kinds of advice and ideas on love, romance and relationships.”

MSN Computing Central
Love Bytes: Your Digital Cupid
“For a year-round love, romance, and relationship resource, visit”

This Is London Lifestyle Review
Online and in love for Valentine’s
“ brings to the web all the romance of a K-Tel Songs For Lovers compilation. With Love Horoscopes, Love Poetry, Love Advice, Love Chat and a Love Library you’ve got everything you need to express your, er, love.”

Additional Mentions:

  • LA Times Daily Pick
  • LA Times; Last-Minute Valentine Saviors
  • Comcast @Home Virtual Valentine Web Guide Recommended Link
  • Newsweek
  • BBC News
  • ZDTV Internet Tonight
  • Yahoo! Internet Life; Ask The Surf Guru
  • The Washington Post
  • Excite Top Recommended Site
  • Yahoo! Full Coverage
  • Infoseek; 3 out of 3 stars
  • PC Magazine

How Our Experience Can Help You

  • We know how to build a brand and make money online.
  • was run by two person team, and we streamlined it to basically work part time.
  • We made just about every mistake in the book, and can help you learn both from our experience and our mistakes.
  • We can help you develop revenue streams for your online business.
  • We can also help teach you how to generate traffic and expand your reach across the US.

It was always our goal to learn these skills in order to help other startups and small businesses like ourselves. This goal hasn’t changed in the last 20+ years. We understand building an online business can be scary, however, we believe that with the right partners and execution strategy the rewards are definitely worth the effort.

If you think we might be a good fit for your project, please fill out the form below or give us a call @ 541-226-3200..

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